Rich McQuillen
re: Jericho - the plot thickens
Sun Jun 17, 2018 16:10

Tell es-Sultan/Jericho in the Context of the Jordan Valley (2006)
"9. Sultan V-VI - Late Bronze and Iron Ages (1550-535BC)
A few materials and tombs are known from period V, the Late Bronze Age, even though not a single pottery fragment from this period was found on the tell by the Italian Palestinian Expedition. Iron Age materials were found in Area B 58, while in Areas G and F on the summit of the Spring Hill and on the northern plateau intensive razing of later periods had removed all strata down to the Middle or even to the Early Bronze Age."

Here are some answers that I was looking for. The Bible has a man name Hiel rebuild the walls of Jericho around 850BC, which falls into Sultan 6. It looks like this period is missing as well, with the reason of "Intensive Razing". So this absence of evidence has an explanation as to why it is not evidence of absence.

I'm still most interested in Sultan VIa, which I haven't found anything yet. It must be defined for a reason... even if it's just a placeholder for Iron Age I.

  • The Bronze Age Palace and Fortifications at Tell es-Sultan/Jericho. The 6th - 7th seasons (2010-2011) by Rome “La Sapienza” University and the Palestinian MOTA-DACH... more
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