Marianne Luban
re: Yad HaMelek???
Mon Jun 25, 2018 09:31

That seal is a welcome--and convincing--addition to the discussion. Moreover, from what I know of Egyptian orthography [the writing of foreign names and toponyms] they would never have rendered such a basic word as Semitic "yad" [hand] with a /w/.

  • Yad HaMelek???Tory, Mon Jun 25 01:48 Regards, Tory
    • re: Yad HaMelek??? — Marianne Luban, Mon Jun 25 09:31
      • re: Yad HaMelek???Tory, Tue Jun 26 00:29
        My thoughts exactly Marianne. Muller was hung up on the missing "h" (PSBA 10, p. 81) but we have strong evidence that it was not voiced in the pronunciation of yhwdh (i.e. Judah). Regards, Tory
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