Mon Aug 6, 2018 04:58

Largely a new analysis of the toponyms of Ramesses III's "Great Asiatic" list, but with chronological ramifications. Justpublished in the latest issue of Antiquo Oriente: James, P., 2017. “The Levantine War-records of Ramesses III: Changing Attitudes, Past, Present and Future”, Antiguo Oriente 15, pp. 57-147. Readable online at https://www.centuries.co.uk/news.htm
Regards, Peter James

    • re: Sea PeopleRich McQuillen, Thu Aug 9 22:35
      "statue fragment of Ramesses III found at Byblos 134 might suggest a measure of influence this far north. But with the possible exception of Tyre no Phoenician towns appear to be mentioned in his... more
      • re: Sea PeopleJon Smyth, Sun Aug 12 09:54
        A handful of identifiable names among the Sea Peoples show a strong affiliation with a politically Hittite region, post empire period. "Ekwesh" is merely a reference to Que/Huwe/Akkuwa, from... more
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