Marianne Luban
re: Khyan timeframe
Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:23

I haven't had time to analyze Schneider's paper, but I don't think one can figure the reigns of kings according to generational lengths because some rulers last a long time and others are gone within a few years. I don't know how stable the kingship at Avaris was but, even in Egypt, where the throne was usually passed on from father to son, it happened sometimes that there were successors of the same generation or from a previous one. The end of Dynasty 18 is a case in point. Ay took over from Tutankhamen and Ay was probably of the same generation of Amenhotep III because Ay's wife, Tey, had been a nurse to Queen Nefertiti. Then came Horemheb, who may have been of the generation of Akhenaten--but who really knows? His successor, Ramesses I, was so old that he already had a son who was over 40 during his one-year rule, that being the future Seti I.

  • re: Khyan timeframeRich McQuillen, Mon Aug 13 01:52
    "A cumulative reign length of 160169 or 180189 years, respectively, for just six king" ... "This translates into generation lengths of between 14.375 and 19.75 years for a total of 160169 years"... more
    • re: Khyan timeframe — Marianne Luban, Mon Aug 13 11:23
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