Robert Killian
Assyrian and conventional chronology
Sat Aug 18, 2018 01:42

Hello MichaelSBOL,

Regarding the chronological "dates" that you mention in this ANEC "Forum "post", I would like to "share" what I have found and published in 2012AD, since beginning to "collect" this information, in 2004AD.

If you Michael, or anyone else that may regularly read this Forum---that may be "interested",---would like to see the result of my quest, please "post" your request for an "updated" color-copy of my second book, "The Holy Bible 'Chronicle' of Sequential Biblical Events",---To: .---I shall be very pleased to "share" what I have "collected" since beginning this project.


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  • Assyrian and conventional chronologyMichaelSBOL, Fri Aug 17 12:33
    Hello, Regarding the chronological debates I think when we take Assyrian king Esarhaddon's chronological statements along with Assyrian, Egyptian and Hittite snchronisms it supports the conventional... more
    • Assyrian and conventional chronology — Robert Killian, Sat Aug 18 01:42
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