Rich McQuillen
re: Kinglist of Eratosthenes
Fri Aug 24, 2018 00:05

Hi Maryanne,
Thanks for the comments... and I appreciate any collaboration. This list has baffling experts for a long time... so it's a little bit fun for me too. On collaboration, you know, I don't have Egyptologist Credentials; even if I eventually were to solve this, no one would believe me. :)

This is a first attempt, riddled with mistakes, but I think a healthy percentage of those matches are correct.

Staring at the list today, along with your comments... I was thinking, I'm missing some pharaohs on my list. I'm missing Osorkon III, Takelot 2 and 3, Rudamon, and more. This could be forcing some mismatches.

"No. The list begins with Dynasty 1"
-- I've never been sold on the idea that Menes is Narmer. Cities get renamed/refounded; I've been considering a different Menes for years; My previous leanings, based on other Greek Writings, were the founder of the of the Middle Kingdom.

The concept on this list is, post Ramses, sequential and close in time. If it's jumping around, in time, which most previous attempts have been, that is problematic.

Discussion: this has previously been called a Theban kinglist, but clearly Amyraeus is in Sais, so that would seem to allow for multiple royal cities.

"After him comes "Sethinilus" or "s-Tni-irw-wr" "
-- So I think this is Setep-en-re.... which is a common prenomen.

-- Multiple pharaohs have this prenomen, including a guy I skipped and mentioned earlier, Osorkon III. Female ending "t"'s can be silent; you knew that; sharing for others.

Siptah - Son of Ptah... it's a shame I can't just choose the pharaoh Siptah, but I am constrained by the order of the list; I had Pedubastis; but it's conjecture - filling a space.
The second pass on this list, or next step, will be to gather all of the names and glyphs, for this time period... from here:

And see if I can fix some mistakes. :)
Some of the matches are a little interesting (regardless if they are right):
Taklot - Kouther (Theophoric names sometimes move around letters) :)
Nekauba - Khnoubos
Kashta - Stoichos
Piye - Anouphis - Piye used to be Piankh with an n.
Pami - KhoMaePhaestos (position guess based on a couple of letters)
Ammeris - Mares
Apries - Birues
Artaxerxes - Ekheskosokaras (ks for x)
Mosthes - Muthis

On Apappous living for a hundred years, I think this is a monument from Xerxes 2 commemorating all of the Xerxes... I seem to remember something funny like that for Ramses 2.

On Mosthes=Muthis, Marianne, I was hoping this one would get your attention, as a premier Manetho scholar, for this unattested pharaoh. It's nice to see a second mention here. (And I'm really happy that you commented on the list; sometimes I learn even more from my mistakes)

Thanks for all of your help so far on this list, and I look forward to future discussions on it.

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    • re: Kinglist of Eratosthenes — Rich McQuillen, Fri Aug 24 00:05
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    • re: Kinglist of EratosthenesMarianne Luban, Thu Aug 23 11:58
      I wrote: "The only fragment that really interests me is Fr. 40 because it seems to indicate what men of the early days of Egyptology believed--and that is that Siptah came before Seti II--instead of... more
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