Marianne Luban
re: Kinglist of Eratosthenes
Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:12

Rich wrote:

"Hi Maryanne,
Thanks for the comments... and I appreciate any collaboration. This list has baffling experts for a long time.."

Not a chance, Rich. No collaboration. You and I do not view this list in the same way at all. It only baffles people who don't know anything about the Egyptian language. The list of Eratosthenes is taken from fragments and is not consecutive, although it starts out well enough. All of the ancient historians have Menes as the premier king of Egypt, so one could expect the same from Eratosthenes. The list has never been thought to be of much value. But one thing the writer did was to tell what the individual names meant in Egyptian. This information is not very far off the mark, but you are ignoring it completely for some reason and interpreting the names in your own way. So you are missing the only [and fun] thing the list is good for and that is to figure out and transliterate into correct Egyptian spelling the pronunciation of the names the author supplies. You will not be able to make a comprehensive kinglist from this according to the dynastic successions approved by Egyptology.

For example, on Fr. 17 it says "The fifteenth king of Thebes in Egypt was Saophis, "reveller" or, according to some, "money-getter, trafficker" He reigned for 29 years."

This is clearly King Khufu, who not only was not the 15th king of Thebes but did not have his seat there at all. Khufu was written as "Cheops" in Greek by Herodotus but this would have changed to "Saophis" in the northern dialect--and the Egyptian historians did live in the Delta. Otherwise, the legend that had arisen around Khufu agrees with what is said there. He was even thought to have pimped out his own daughter in order to finance the Great Pyramid. This is by far not one of the most difficult names on the list--most or harder. It's just one example of why you can't work on this list. You don't have the knowledge to recognize the names of the rulers when you see them.

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    Hi Maryanne, Thanks for the comments... and I appreciate any collaboration. This list has baffling experts for a long time... so it's a little bit fun for me too. On collaboration, you know, I don't... more
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