Marianne Luban
re: The List of Eratosthenes
Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:53

I wrote:

"It's not the same king! Aren't you talking about "Pemphos" [more correctly Semempses] the "5th king of Thebes" in the list of Eratosthenes? His name is described as meaning "descendant of Herakles--whom the Greeks associated with Horus for unclear reasons."

Look at this good site and you can see where this list of Eratosthenes got "Smsw" or "smsm". It is king Smerkhet of Dynasty One. As Horus is on his standard after the cartouche, he became involved.

  • The List of EratosthenesMarianne Luban, Sat Aug 25 09:28
    Rich wrote: "These Egyptian letters are imprecise. Like Marianne's example of Saophis for Khufu, if it's correct. If it's correct? Dynasty 4 of Africanus: "Suphis [I] for 63 years. He reared the... more
    • re: The List of Eratosthenes — Marianne Luban, Tue Aug 28 10:53
      • re: The List of EratosthenesMarianne Luban, Tue Aug 28 11:23
        Then you can check it against the Abydos List and you'll see "Smsw" at #7. If you could real hieroglyphs, it would become clear why there are two kings called... more
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