Jaime O
Re: On Psinakhes
Fri Sep 7, 2018 17:43

Hi Joe

Thank you for your the reply.

Speculation and nuances will always feed discussion. Your current position agrees with mine by having Hrere as Amenhotep's wife and Nodjmet's mother, although I have the latter as Herihor's mother. You also seem to match Djedmutesankh with Pinudjem II, although he has already got two wives attested.


  • Re: On PsinakhesJoe Baker, Wed Aug 29 19:59
    Hi Jaime The family tree given here is my current opinion. It contains a lot of facts and a lot of speculation. Because of the latter, it differs from my former position and it is just as likely that ... more
    • Re: On Psinakhes — Jaime O, Fri Sep 7 17:43
      • Re: On PsinakhesJoe Baker, Sun Sep 9 06:04
        Hi Jaime The speculation that Djedmutesankh was a wife of Pinudjem II as a result of a marriage alliance once Amenemope exerted his authority over Upper Egypt (at the end of the reign/pontificate of... more
        • Re: On PsinakhesJaime O, Thu Sep 20 14:09
          Hi Joe Yes, I'd much appreciate it. You can e-mail me at jaimeotelo@gmail.com Sorry for the delay. Kind regards, Jaime
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