Jaime O
Re: Pharao Sheshonq I
Fri Sep 7, 2018 17:54

Hi Ecki

I was not part of the thread you mention. But since no one has taken your question...

You ask: "Is it possible, that his (Sheshonq I.) wife Mehetemweskhet is the daughter of Pharao Smendes I ?"

I guess everything is possible in Ancient Egypt but are you referring to Shoshenq A, husband of King's Mother Mehtemweskhet and ancestor of Pasenhor B? Had the former been a king and the latter a King's Daughter I think Pasenhor would have mentioned so. The actual Pharaoh Shoshenq I is generations removed from Smendes.

  • Pharao Sheshonq IEcki, Thu Aug 9 12:04
    I have a question concerning the thread "Khonsu Temple Genealogy : Chronological Problems". Is it possible, that his (Sheshonq I.) wife Mehetemweskhet is the daughter of Pharao Smendes I ? Ecki
    • Re: Pharao Sheshonq I — Jaime O, Fri Sep 7 17:54
      • Pharao Sheshonq AEcki, Fri Sep 14 09:26
        Hi all ! Thanks for your responses ! I'll follow your hints and will be back here in this thread after a while. Kind regards Ecki
        • Pharao Sheshonq AEcki, Tue Sep 18 12:49
          Hi all ! I red the following article of Montet concerning the Kanopes and Statuettes, found in the chambers of the tomb of Psusennes I. and would like to discuss the content of the now cited excerpt... more
          • Pharao Sheshonq AEcki, Tue Sep 18 18:54
            Hi together, I'am again with an add. The full text of the cited article (part 2) of Montet is published online by PERSEE.... more
            • Some resultsEcki, Thu Sep 20 07:21
              Hi all ! Concerning my studies of Pierre Montet (part 1), Vases sacrés et profanes du tombeau de Psusennes, published by Monuments et mémoires de la Fondation Eugène Piot, num. 38, Paris 1944, pp. 17 ... more
              • Re: Some resultsJaime O, Sat Sep 22 09:56
                Hi Ecki You seem to be bringing back some very old points, some of which I myself am not aware. Explicit genealogical statements during the early phase of the TIP tend to be scarce or very one-sided, ... more
    • Sheshonq IEcki, Fri Sep 7 13:49
      Hi all ! I'am almost brandnew here on your Forum and would like to introduce myself to the board on this way. My english is not in a good mood, but I hope it fits for a conversation about ancient... more
      • Re: Sheshonq IJoe Baker, Sun Sep 9 22:25
        Hi Ecki Montet was mistaken. It was later established that the inscriptions on the female like ushabti statuttes in this particular chamber (other than those for Psusennes 2) belonged to Siamun and... more
      • Re: Sheshonq IMarianne Luban, Sun Sep 9 10:29
        Ecki wrote: "In view of this result I asked myself : Pourqoui admettrons que ces statuettes lui une des épouses de Psousennes ? Yes, and this is my question. What does we know today about le nom de... more
        • Re: Sheshonq IMarianne Luban, Sun Sep 9 11:12
          Helpful page with drawing of the situation of the Tanis burials. Perhaps it can help Ecki figure out what Montet had meant. http://www.narmer.pl/groby/nrt_en.htm
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