Joe Baker
Re: On Psinakhes
Sun Sep 9, 2018 06:04

Hi Jaime

The speculation that Djedmutesankh was a wife of Pinudjem II as a result of a marriage alliance once Amenemope exerted his authority over Upper Egypt (at the end of the reign/pontificate of King/HPA Menkheperre) comes from a paper by Karl Jansen-Winkeln, “Beiträge Zur Geschichte Der 21. Dynastie”, JEA 102 (2016) 73-96. I have translated this paper into English and can e-mail it to you as a Word document, if you provide your e-mail address.

Regards Joe

  • Re: On PsinakhesJaime O, Fri Sep 7 17:43
    Hi Joe Thank you for your the reply. Speculation and nuances will always feed discussion. Your current position agrees with mine by having Hrere as Amenhotep's wife and Nodjmet's mother, although I... more
    • Re: On Psinakhes — Joe Baker, Sun Sep 9 06:04
      • Re: On PsinakhesJaime O, Thu Sep 20 14:09
        Hi Joe Yes, I'd much appreciate it. You can e-mail me at Sorry for the delay. Kind regards, Jaime
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