Joe Baker
Re: Sheshonq I
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:25

Hi Ecki

Montet was mistaken. It was later established that the inscriptions on the female like ushabti statuttes in this particular chamber (other than those for Psusennes 2) belonged to Siamun and Šašanq 2. See for example Ian Bolton’s NRT III tomb entries for these two latter rulers at

Regrads Joe

  • Sheshonq IEcki, Fri Sep 7 13:49
    Hi all ! I'am almost brandnew here on your Forum and would like to introduce myself to the board on this way. My english is not in a good mood, but I hope it fits for a conversation about ancient... more
    • Re: Sheshonq I — Joe Baker, Sun Sep 9 22:25
    • Re: Sheshonq IMarianne Luban, Sun Sep 9 10:29
      Ecki wrote: "In view of this result I asked myself : Pourqoui admettrons que ces statuettes lui une des épouses de Psousennes ? Yes, and this is my question. What does we know today about le nom de... more
      • Re: Sheshonq IMarianne Luban, Sun Sep 9 11:12
        Helpful page with drawing of the situation of the Tanis burials. Perhaps it can help Ecki figure out what Montet had meant.
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