Marianne Luban
Re: Wine Jar Labels
Wed Jan 23, 2019 18:58

Because we know what month of the year the vintage ripened during this period [I Axt, the first month of the Egyptian calendar, mentioned on a label from Amarna with "Year 1"] at least we can know that some kings were still alive and on the throne in their final years in the flood season. Since

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    Rich McQuillen wrote: I wrote: "I lean most toward Smenkhkare being a son of Akhenaten now, one by a wife other than Nefertiti." Rich: "-- I read the paper, Bringing Smenkhkare into focus. These... more
    • Re: Wine Jar Labels — Marianne Luban, Wed Jan 23 18:58
      • Re: Wine Jar LabelsMarianne Luban, Wed Jan 23 19:06
        Got cut off by the Internet. So, as I was saying, Akhenaten was still living then in his final year, which was 17, as there are several wine jar labels marked "Year 17". The same can be said for... more
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