Marianne Luban
re: Evidence for the Length of Reigns of Akhenaten's Success
Tue Feb 5, 2019 12:49

Joe wrote:

"The “dubar” scene in Meryre’s tomb is dated to year 12, but it has several anachronistic features
The six daughters are all shown as the same sized adults"

I took a good look at the daughters in the scene. Although it seems true that they are the same size--it hardly follows that they are all shown as adults! In fact, some appear to still have a shaved head with only a single decorated side-lock, which means they were certainly not considered adults. The only Amarna princess ever depicted wearing a wig, her head fully covered like someone who has attained puberty--is Meritaten. I explain all this in one of my papers at which is "Who Was the Queen of Tutankhamen?" This makes sense as Meritaten is there at Karnak at the earliest time of the reign of Akhenaten in pre-Amarna days. She and Meketaten are shown on the Boundary Stelae of Year 6--but not Ankhesenpaaten. Even if Ankhesenpaaten had been born late in that same year--she would have still been only 11 in Year 17 of Akhenaten. As for the younger three daughters of Nefertiti, there is no chance they were even close to puberty even after Year 17.

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