Jaap Titulaer
Taharqa, age 20, co-reign with Shabataka
Fri Aug 9, 2019 18:21

>> Shabaka is certainly also the son-in-law of Taharqa

Ahum, Shabaka was brother-in-law of Taharqa, not son-in-law.

Harran Tablets Vs. 70-71 [Onasch, Die Assyrischen Eroberungen Ägyptens, I, 108.]:
“As for Taharqa, King of Kush, the fear and terror of my lordship stunned him and he went to his fate. Vs. 71 Tanutamun, the son of his sister sat on his throne and ruled the country”

Prism A Col. II 22 [Onasch, Die Assyrischen Eroberungen Ägyptens, I, 122.]
"Later (after Taharqa’s death), Tanutamun, son of Shabaka sat on the throne of his kingship."

  • Taharqa, age 20, co-reign with ShabatakaJaap Titulaer, Fri Aug 9 18:17
    Hi Toby, >> What does Herodotus mean by this? >> Were there 2 invasions? >> or Was there 1 invasion? Two. Herodotus mixes it all up. He calls all Kushite kings Sabacon and had him reign for 50... more
    • Herodotus' Sabacon and SethonToby Charles Anderson, Sat Aug 10 10:58
      Hello Jaap, Me thinks Herodotus is not so mixed up as you espouse. I'll address your 2 main arguments that Herodotus is mixed up, to wit: 1. YOUR CLAIM HERODOTUS' GENERIC USE OF SABACON 2. THE... more
      • Herodotus aJaap Titulaer, Sat Aug 10 12:25
        Hi Toby, Yes Khan came to essentially the same conclusion. (This was before the reversal of the order of Shabaka & Shabataka.)... more
        • re: herodotusToby Charles Anderson, Mon Aug 12 12:46
          Hi Jaap, Thanks for the lead to Khan regarding Sabacon standing for all Kushite kings. IMHO, I reject this, 1. firstly as there seems to be too much correlation between the names of Shabako/Shabaqo... more
    • Taharqa, age 20, co-reign with Shabataka — Jaap Titulaer, Fri Aug 9 18:21
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