Papyrus Berlin 3048
Thu Jun 26, 2003 23:51 (XFF:

Dear Fred,

Personally, I do second Kitchen's reading of the Year 30 bandage but acknowledge that its poor state of preservation does not help us much. I don't see any strong reason why Piye could not have survived into his 30th and 31st Year. Anyway, Fred, were you able to ask one of your Professors about the possibility that Papyrus Berlin 3048 really does belong to Takelot III's reign, rather than Takelot II since it names state officials who are not known to have served under Takelot II?

I have always thought that a case could be made that P Berlin 3048 could be attributed to Takelot III's reign. I'm just surprised that nobody has yet advocated for this possibility in a GM or JEA paper. After all, if you increase Takelot III's reign from 6-13 Years, it wld have a tremendous impact on late TIPE Chronology because many scholars wld then have to consider the chance--however small--that the Year 19 Wadi Gasus king could have been Takelot III, rather than Rudamun. Just as, you know, Broekeman has just now advocated dating a Year 3 Quay Text to Rudamun in his JEA paper. Who knows, Fred, you could even consider writing a short paper in GM about P Berlin 3048 and lay out your case for Takelot III! At any rate, it wld surely compel all the other major Egyptologists such as J. von Beckerath, O Perdu and Kitchen to carefully scrutinize the Berlin document and check its Orthography for instance.

What do you think? Thank You.

  • Re: TIP and KushitesIan, Thu Jun 26 21:49
    Dear Fred, well, let's see... I suppose that I really have to see the bloody new edition of JEA which appears to contain another important article by Broekman. Is it available for sale in France?... more
    • Papyrus Berlin 3048 — Leo, Thu Jun 26 23:51
      • A ClarificationLeo, Fri Jun 27 03:52
        As an aside after thinking things through, I still do hope that you FREDERIC or one of his fellow professional classmates will publish "THE CASE" for dating the Berlin Papyrus in the future in GM or... more
        • Re: A ClarificationFred, Fri Jun 27 08:56
          Dear leo, Some comments : - the article on Takelto III is not a hope, it is reality, I will send it the next months probably. I thought I had spoken of it earlier... - the n 3 can not be Rudamon,... more
          • Re: A ClarificationIan, Fri Jun 27 09:37
            Dear Fred, Can you please tell me where in Paris one could obtain the new volume of JEA? I have people hunting for it. Although your response to Leo contains some of the answers, I would appreciate... more
            • JEA 88Jean-Fred, Fri Jun 27 12:04
              Dear Ian Just a very quick note! JEA 88 has reached Montreal earlier this week and I'm going to my friend's house tonight in order to have a look at it (my friend is member of the EES who publishes... more
              • JEA 88, correction, and TefnakhtIan, Fri Jun 27 12:23
                Dear Jean-Fred, Thanks for the note, and even though I still hope my friends in Paris turn it up somewhere on St-Michel, I will be very happy to get copies from you should they fail. I will be happy... more
                • Wadi Gasus, Takelot III and JF's offerLeo, Sat Jun 28 02:38
                  Hello JF, Fred and All, JF, an offer of help from you wld be appreciated concerning just the Broekeman paper. You stated that there were Four articles of deep interest to you in the more recent JEA... more
                  • Dear Leo,and all some comments : Leo :Fred's suggestion that Year 19 of WG could belong to Kashta and Year 12 to Takelot III seems particularly tenous since Amenirdis I(Kashta's Grand daughter) 1)may ... more
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