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Dear ian,

some errors...:

Ian : We have no idea who nominated Amenirdis I, but we do know that she became the God's Wife of Amun (as opposed to the apprentice) in the reign of her brother Shabaqo.

We have no indicatuon that she "became" God'wife under Shabaka, she may have been before.

Ian :Shepenwepet II was adopted by Amenirdis I while the latter's predecessor and adoptive mother Shepenwepet I was still alive. [Note, by the way, that if Shepenwepet I was installed by her father Osorkon 'III', as seems to be the case, and she died in the reign of Shabaqo, which also seems to be a fact.

FP : No, Shepenupet I was alive under Shabataka...(Osiris Heqa-djet temple). So it provide a reason to reverse the order in fact...

In fact Egyptian do not make a great difference between thes women, when they are adopted or installed. Frequently it seems that they were three (SH I, Am I, SH II or SH II, Am II and Nitocris or Nitocris, Am II and SH IV).

The crystal clear fact is that in all case known (i. e. all case but one) it is their father who installed them as heiress. S probably also for the one we don't know : Amenirdis I. It would imply that Kashta had some autority on Thebes at this moment and place him as good candidate for WG Inscriptions.

The killing of his predecessor by Tarcos/Taharqa is not in Manetho himself, but in glosses added by Hieronymus to his translation of Eusebius version of Manetho. But Hiernymus has taken these glosses elsewhere, perhaps in Erathostenes or Appolonios. All that is in an article by Depuydt in a recent CdE 2000 or 2001.




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    Dear Fred, 1. On the Bakenranef - Shabaqo synchronism. I am familiar with the arguments against it, but I am still willing to accept the conclusion that we have a Year 6 - Year 2 synchronism. The... more
    • Re: Some notes on Shebitqu — Fred, Sat Jun 28 05:07
      • Re: Some notes on ShebitquIan, Sat Jun 28 08:38
        Dear Fred, 1. According to Morkot, Shepenwepet I died probably between Year 12 and Year 15 of Shabaqo. Hence Amenirdis I became God's Wife in that reign. 2. Shepenwepet I is depicted in the inner... more
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          I recently came across a point that does not seem to have been covered by our recent discussion of whether or not to invert the traditional order of Shabaqo and Shebitqo within the 25th Dynasty. I am ... more
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            Hi Ian! I tried to write to you earlier, but your server appears to systematically refuse anything I send to it. Anyway, I've asked Leo to forward the message (about JEA 88 and a very short PS on... more
            • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo againJoe Baker, Wed Jul 2 07:34
              Hi all Well-ll-ll, so Fred is investigating a reversal of Shabaka/Shabataka and seems to be quite enthusiastic about it (he has announced it here and on the NC list). And using many of the arguments... more
              • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo againChris, Wed Jul 2 19:26
                I have just received a copy of an interesting article by Stephanie Dalley, "Yaba, Atalya and the Foreign Policy of Late Assyrian Kings", SAAB 12:2 (1998) 83-98. Its central argument is that these two ... more
                • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo againIan, Wed Jul 2 22:31
                  Dear Chris, Shoshenq (Shu-sa-an-qu) was the son-in-law or brother-in-law (hatna sharri) of Sin-ahhe-eriba, but almost certainly in Nineveh, rather than Egypt. He stood as witness to a real estate... more
                  • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo againChris, Thu Jul 3 08:38
                    ian -- Thanks for the additional information onn this Shoshenq. Re the conclusion that 711 is a TPQ, I have the source on order through ILL and will let you know, but you may well be right. Chris
              • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo. Try it again JoeJoe Baker, Wed Jul 2 07:40
                Hi all Well-ll-ll, so Fred is investigating a reversal of Shabaka/Shabataka and seems to be quite enthusiastic about it (he has announced it here and on the NC list). And using many of the arguments... more
                • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and RudamunJoe Baker, Wed Jul 2 07:52
                  Hi all 1. AFAIK the only objection to my genealogy is that Shepenupet 2 is not the sister of Shabaka. I understand there is an inscription stating this, but does it use a generic term to describe the ... more
                  • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and RudamunIan, Wed Jul 2 18:59
                    Hi Joe, I am afraid the objections to your genealogy are far more serious than that. Not only is Shepenupet II not a sister of Shabaqo (she is the sister of Taharqo because she is the daughter of his ... more
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              Hi Jean-Fred, Try my address for future correspondence, I do not know why umich does not like your server. You wrote: "The group of stelae from some year 4 (Shoshenq V according to ... more
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