Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo and Rudamun
Wed Jul 2, 2003 18:59 (XFF:

Hi Joe,

I am afraid the objections to your genealogy are far more serious than that.

Not only is Shepenupet II not a sister of Shabaqo (she is the sister of Taharqo because she is the daughter of his father Piankhy), but Shabaqo is unequivocably described as the brother of Amenirdis I, whom you have here as his great-aunt! Although the term snt (sister) could occasionally be employed for cousin, this is pushing it too far.

Another problem is that you have Shebitqo marry his great-aunt Arty and you have Shabaqo marry his aunt Qalhata. While multiple marriages, early childbearing, etc could make these connections at least remotely possible, it can be taken as given that men married younger women and this arrangement is very unlikely.

By the way, I am under the impression that Fred would not move Shabaqo from the 2nd to the 3rd generation. He seems to advocate the order Piankhy-Shabaqo (next generation)-usurper Shabaqo (previous generation)-Taharqo (back to next generation).

Rudamun is attested in the temple of Osiris-Heqa-Djet, and probably at Medinet Habu, but also by a vase (Louvre), the burial of a descendant in Western Thebes, and several minor objects, including a statue (of a god, if I recall). See Kitchen, TIP page 360.

Best, Ian

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