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Wed Jul 2, 2003 22:31 (XFF:

Dear Chris,

Shoshenq (Shu-sa-an-qu) was the son-in-law or brother-in-law (hatna sharri) of Sin-ahhe-eriba, but almost certainly in Nineveh, rather than Egypt. He stood as witness to a real estate purchase tablet from Nineveh. In the Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (page 1161), R.D. Baker states that Fuchs' identification of this Shoshenq with the prince of Busiris is unlikely also on chronological grounds. That Shoshenq of Busiris (fl. 669) is spelled in a different way (Su-si-in-qu) is not the problem.

For limiting Shabaqo's takeover between 711 and 707, I am guessing that the latter is supposed to be before the Tang-i Var inscription; the former seems determined by the convoluted arguments over the flight of Yamani of Ashdod to Egypt and the inferences over Egypt's status at the time.

Best, Ian

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    I have just received a copy of an interesting article by Stephanie Dalley, "Yaba, Atalya and the Foreign Policy of Late Assyrian Kings", SAAB 12:2 (1998) 83-98. Its central argument is that these two ... more
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        ian -- Thanks for the additional information onn this Shoshenq. Re the conclusion that 711 is a TPQ, I have the source on order through ILL and will let you know, but you may well be right. Chris
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