Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo again
Thu Jul 3, 2003 08:38 (XFF:

ian --

Thanks for the additional information onn this Shoshenq. Re the conclusion that 711 is a TPQ, I have the source on order through ILL and will let you know, but you may well be right.


  • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo againIan, Wed Jul 2 22:31
    Dear Chris, Shoshenq (Shu-sa-an-qu) was the son-in-law or brother-in-law (hatna sharri) of Sin-ahhe-eriba, but almost certainly in Nineveh, rather than Egypt. He stood as witness to a real estate... more
    • Re: Shabaqo-Shebitqo again — Chris, Thu Jul 3 08:38
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