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Dear Joe

Hello again. Thanks for posting this data - it is rather telling, ins't it. In default of actual proponents of the coregency theory (are there any on this forum?) I would be happy to play "devil's advocate" on this one.

As I understand it the arguments Aldred and others have put forward consist of:
a) stylistic observations regarding the tomb of the vizier Ramose - he has both standard NK style and later Amarna style decorations, but disappears from the record by year 34 of Amunhotep III. Aldred even argued that the Amarna style walls should have been the ones decorated first.
b) papyri dated to the two reigns in question regarding the hire of slaves with the same owner and same names
c) the nature of the wine jars and how long their contents could conceivably last (i.e. if the contents would either sour or seep through the vessel within 10 years, what is a jar from 28 Amunhotep III doing at Akhetaten, not founded until 14 years later?
d) the jubilees of the aten (here identified with the father of Akhenaten) correspond to the jubilees of Amunhotep III only if there was a cregency
e) the docket dating a letter congratulating Akhenaten on his accession is year [X+]2. If it is year 2, it took over 12 months for the news to travel to Mesopotamia and a messenger to return. Is this credible? If it is year 2, what is it doing in the Amarna archive at all?

None of this is conclusive - if it were we would not be having this discussion. I leave aside lesser "evidence" as being too vague to be of use, or so misleading that if you used similar evidence Hatshepsuet was coregent with Thutmose I and TutankhAmun with Amunhotep III.

I must take issue with the "12 years" assertion. The coregency (assuming Amunhotep IV began his reign on the same accession day as his father) should run from the start of year 28 to month 5/7 of year 38 (i.e. 10 years 5/7 months)[depending on whether you take 5 months or 7 months as being the length of the incomplete last year of Amunhotep III]. This gives 6-8 months as the minimum period for the round trip in (e) above, rather than 12-13 months. Even some "anti-coregency" scholars have I believe taken to suggesting that there was an overlap of a few months, during Amunhotep's lengthy final illness.



  • No co-regency - Amenhotep and AkhnatenJoe Baker, Sat Jan 15 00:16
    Hi all As you know I am against a co-regency between Amenhotep 3 and Akhenaten. I feel that those who support a co-regency - usually a 12 year one - are like people who discover a needle in a... more
    • re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and Akhnaten — Kim, Sat Jan 15 04:31
      • re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and AkhnatenJoe Baker, Fri Jan 21 19:29
        Hi Kim Here are some answers I would supply to your "devil's advocate" position. "a) stylistic observations regarding the tomb of the vizier Ramose - he has both standard NK style and later Amarna... more
        • Re: No co-regency--Amenhotep and AkhnatenMarianne Luban, Sat Jan 22 21:47
          I may have missed something--who is the vizier Amenhotep? I assume you are referring to Amenhotep son of Hapu? Three viziers? I don't know about this. Ramose had his tomb at Thebes, not Saqqara. Had... more
          • Vizier AmenhotepAndrew Gordon, Tue Jun 28 20:46
            The vizier Amenhotep is not to be confused with the Son of Hapu. See my article in MDAIK 39 (1983), 71-80 Where I was able to identify his tomb at Thebes. Andrew Gordon
            • Vizier AmenhotepKim, Fri Jul 1 02:45
              Dear Andrew Many thanks for your comment (and indeed for identifying the tomb!!). I think our original discussion got bogged down in too many Amunhoteps i.e. the steward at Memphis; the son of Hapu;... more
              • vizier AmenhotepAnonymous, Fri Nov 18 12:40
                Hello, I have a little question. Do you know the exact number of the Theban tomb of vizier Amenhotep Huy.In my book The Amarna Age by Frederick J. Giles they didn't mentioned the number, they only... more
                • Re: vizier AmenhotepAnonymous, Fri Dec 2 08:52
                  Hello, Terri Thanks for the information, Rozette
                • Re: vizier AmenhotepTerry E, Sat Nov 19 03:18
                  Dear Rozette, You can find both the tomb of Amenemhat Surer and the tomb of Amenhotep Huy (described as King's Son of Kush, not vizier. I don't know if this was the same person) on the tomb list at:... more
        • Hi Joe (and anyone else) 1) Ramose: he was once thought to be northern vizier in succession to Amunhotep. The fact that Amunhotep is shown at the endowment of the mortuary temple of Amuhotep son of... more
          • re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and AkhnatenJoe Baker, Mon Jan 24 04:01
            Hi Kim The round trip, Memphis-Washshukani-Memphis is some 2500 kilometres. About the same distance as the Persian royal road from Sardis to Susa, which Herodotos reports took 3 months to travel -... more
            • Dear Joe, I agree with your points generally, and concede that it could have taken 12 months or more for the various trips. I do not agree about your suggestion that AIV was in Thebes, to pad out the ... more
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