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re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and Akhnaten
Mon Jan 24, 2005 04:01 (XFF:

Hi Kim

The round trip, Memphis-Washshukani-Memphis is some 2500 kilometres. About the same distance as the Persian royal road from Sardis to Susa, which Herodotos reports took 3 months to travel - and that road was well protected and stocked with supplies. That's an average of 27.6 kilometres per day. Compare this with Xenophon's 85 marching days from Sardis to Kunaxa at 24.3 kilometres per day (not counting an even greater number of resting days). That is why Tushratta was impressed at the turn around time. I suspect that he had anticipated it would take up to 6 months. In the original letter to Amenhotep (EA 20) he said he would detain Mane for 6 months when he send Haaramashahi on his way (and I here take Haarmashshi = Haamashshi).

It is unlikely that Keliya first trip to Egypt to visit Akhenaten was short. He would have known what Tushratta prized. At that time he also had an audience with Tiye about the statues. Also we know Akhenaten was at Thebes tthe end of Pirissi's trip, but we do not know where he was on Keliya's trip. Was he at Memphis or at Thebes? He could have been at Thebes on both occassions for he must have spent some time there supervising his early large scale building programs and his new methods of design and construction. If so you can add another two months to each round trip as the distance from Memphis to Thebes was about half the distance from Washshukani to Memphis. That is why for me the minimum time between the death of Amenhotep 3 and the arrival of Pirissi at Thebes was one year.

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