re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and Akhnaten
Fri Feb 4, 2005 05:57 (XFF:

Dear Joe,

I agree with your points generally, and concede that it could have taken 12 months or more for the various trips. I do not agree about your suggestion that AIV was in Thebes, to pad out the timespan - not because you may not be right, but because equally one could argue that Tushratta may not have been in his capital at the other end - he may have been stood at the border tapping his foot, waiting for the gold statues, or may even have sent out troops to examine them and accompany them home, receiving information about their "snide" condition prior to their physical arrival. It seems better to estimate an "average" time and then estimate an error factor.
On that basis I would argue that the "average" time would be about 10 months, and the error factor (plus 3 or minus 1 months) could take it over 12 months, but the main timespan of the range would still be under a year.



  • re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and AkhnatenJoe Baker, Mon Jan 24 04:01
    Hi Kim The round trip, Memphis-Washshukani-Memphis is some 2500 kilometres. About the same distance as the Persian royal road from Sardis to Susa, which Herodotos reports took 3 months to travel -... more
    • re:No co-regency - Amenhotep and Akhnaten — Kim, Fri Feb 4 05:57
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