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Re: vizier Amenhotep
Sat Nov 19, 2005 03:18 (XFF:

Dear Rozette,

You can find both the tomb of Amenemhat Surer and the tomb of Amenhotep Huy (described as King's Son of Kush, not vizier. I don't know if this was the same person) on the tomb list at:


This gives numbers as:
40. Amenhotep Huy, king's son of Kush
48. Amenemhat Surer, high steward
Hope this helps.

Best Wishes

  • vizier AmenhotepAnonymous, Fri Nov 18 12:40
    Hello, I have a little question. Do you know the exact number of the Theban tomb of vizier Amenhotep Huy.In my book The Amarna Age by Frederick J. Giles they didn't mentioned the number, they only... more
    • Re: vizier AmenhotepAnonymous, Fri Dec 2 08:52
      Hello, Terri Thanks for the information, Rozette
    • Re: vizier Amenhotep — Terry E, Sat Nov 19 03:18
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