Re: Senenmut's Ceiling
Fri Feb 15, 2008 19:50 (XFF:

Basically, he gives a number of reasons why von Spaeth's claimed identification of Mars cannot be right.

This is of course a different matter from whether Leitz' own dating is right. They can't both be right but they can both be wrong. And there may not be a date to be extracted.


  • Re: Senenmut's CeilingMarianne Luban, Fri Feb 15 19:24
    CB: Before going too far out on a limb with von Spaeth's dating of the Senenmut ceiling you should read Christian Leitz' rebuttal "Remarks about the Appearance of Mars in the Tomb of Senenmut in... more
    • Re: Senenmut's Ceiling — CHris, Fri Feb 15 19:50
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