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Hello Monkton,
I did not invent a king Thuthor in the 19th dynasty.
Manetho had a MAN with a Hellenized version of that name 60 years after Ramesses II and 26 years after Amenmesses.
Before dismissing the possibility of a king or VIP named Thuthor after the 19th dynasty, make your own list of kings who are known from a name, with no family or deeds to verify their existence. Such kings are the subject of much conjecture concerning their place in the chronology of the TIP and Late period.
If you set aside the modern scholarly assumption that the ancient Egyptians did not know their own families and assemble the information that they left, you will see that we know much more about the TIP than is commonly thought.
As for the eclipse, if the priests knew that such an event would occur, they could spin it as a positive omen in favor of whichever aspirant to the throne they preferred. Fear and intimidation need not have been an issue.

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