ashley wood
Johnny Kidd footage
Wed Jun 12, 2013 09:50

I'm sure you'll all be very pleased to know that around 50 seconds silent, black and white footage of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates has been located. The film was apparently shot for Ulster TV on or around the 1st September 1965 and shows the band performing live.
I'm obviously very pleased to have located this.
I'd like to thank Roger Morse who has also spent considerable time and effort in his attempts to find some film of Johnny. We've traded mails back and forth sharing leads and finally when all looked lost, something turned up.
I hope that one day some more film will be discovered but at least for now there's finally a few precious seconds of Britains best pre-Beatles band in action.
I've sent Adie a screenshot. Hopefully he'll be able to post it so you can see a still. Hmm, time for some rum i believe.

    • j kidd footagedave.j., Wed Nov 25 20:22
      whatch film called THE ECSTACY OF WILKO JOHNSON, there is moving footage of johnny kidd about half way through the film !.
    • Johnny Kidd footageRoger Morse, Thu Jun 13 11:52
      Just to add a bit to this post. I am sure I speak for the many remaining Johnny Kidd fans in thanking Ashley for his brilliant work scrolling through many archives to find this clip. Yes it is short, ... more
      • Re: Johnny Kidd footagepaul robinson, Sat Jun 22 08:13
        Talking to my missus about this find last night she said she has seen film of him since he died, she was quite sure about that and if she is right it would back up what has been said on here ,... more
        • JK tribute nightRoger Morse, Sat Jun 22 09:23
          Hi Paul, Great idea. Have you seen the Rapiers doing their JK act. As usual the Rapiers put as much effort as possible into everything they do. Roger
          • Re: JK tribute nightpaul robinson, Sat Jun 22 10:13
            I have seen them at shadowmania , as well as backing jET HARRIS AND Mike Berry.I have seen them on their own at York and Doncaster, the only JK no they played was LINDA LOU.Colin Pryce Jones... more
            • JK tribute nightRoger Morse, Sat Jun 22 20:42
              I too remember seeing Johnny Kidd after he died on the tv. I think it was singing Always and Ever. A Johnny Kidd tribute night would be great and the best I have seen at it at the moment are the... more
    • JK AND THEPIRATES footage!Captain Pugwash, Thu Jun 13 09:54
      Does Granada tv have archive footage i can recall them doing " I'll never get over you!" as i got home from school ! Don't know what the Programme was ?
      • jk and the pirates footageashley wood, Thu Jun 13 12:28
        i know they played on tuesday rendezvous aug 13th 1963 but that would've been during the school holidays. i'll see if i can find out which show that might have been. Unfortunately granada dont appear ... more
        • JK footageChrisM, Mon Jul 8 13:46
          Such great news about the 50 secs footage. I think much more will show up over the next few years as archive digitising is a slow porcess and only really started happened recently. I used to work in... more
        • jk and the pirates footage stillashley wood, Thu Jun 13 12:54
          I hope the above link works - its just a still. I'd love to post the whole thing online but obviously there are copyright issues.
          • jk and the pirates stillsashley wood, Thu Jun 13 13:26
            and some more [IMG] [/IMG][/URL] [IMG]... more
          • FootageKeith Roberts, Thu Jun 13 13:00
            Great stuff ! Thanks ! Regards, Keith
    • Kidd footagearthur Rayner, Thu Jun 13 08:58
      This is excellent! Why not get some exposure about this. How about sharing this with perhaps the Today programme on Radio 4 since this is important social history from the 1960s and would help keep... more
      • The Rapiers / Jk & The PiratesRoger Morse, Thu Jun 13 09:55
        Don't know about Kidd Kane but have seen the excellent Rapiers recently doing a Jk trubute spot in their act. Very good it is too. Have a look on u tube. Put in "The Rapiers doing Johnny Kidd" and... more
    • FootageKeith Roberts, Thu Jun 13 07:38
      What fantastic news ! Brilliant ! Also very interesting because the line-up presumably includes John Weider and Vic Cooper but,sadly,not Mick Green. Perhaps I can beg/buy a copy please ? Thanks for... more
      • Johnny Kidd FootageRoger Morse, Thu Jun 13 12:33
        Hi Keith, Can you confirm what guitar John Weider used ? This guitarist is using a Les Paul. I emailed Johnny Spence and he thinks it may be Jon Morshead at that time ?. Frank Farley, Johnny Spence... more
        • FootageKeith Roberts, Thu Jun 13 12:55
          Hi Roger John Weider played a blonde Telecaster.I played in the support band to Johnny and the Pirates on October 14th.1965 i.e. just a few weeks after that piece of film.The Pirates guitarist on... more
          • Johnny Kidd fottageRoger Morse, Thu Jun 13 14:42
            Nice to see some of you old guy's back on this forum, been a while ! I guess there's not been a lot to talk about for a while, UNTIL NOW
          • footageashley wood, Thu Jun 13 13:46
            Hi Keith it's really difficult to figure out what they're playing as the camera isn't on anyone long enough and the guitarist is a bit of a twiddly merchant if you know what i mean. Looks like... more
            • FootageKeith Roberts, Thu Jun 13 14:06
              Thanks Roger - any chance of a copy PLEASE !!!! I supported them at the Hotel Ryde Castle Isle of Wight having persuaded the promoter to book them ! We met them off the ferry and roadied them to the... more
              • Johnny Kidd footageRoger Morse, Thu Jun 13 15:07
                Hi Keith, I wish I could give you a copy but at this time I have given Ash my word I wouldn't pass around copies without his go ahead. I think he is concerned about copyright issues etc. The stills... more
                • FootageKeith Roberts, Thu Jun 13 16:05
                  Hi Roger Thanks.If Ash does decide it can be released to us die-hards can you put me on the list please ? ! I'm fairly certain that that is Jon Moreshead having compared it to photos on the... more
                  • footageashley wood, Thu Jun 13 16:23
                    hi Keith problem is i obtained my copy from ulster tv and it's copyrighted. if it leaks online i'll get into trouble of one sort or another. I'm actually more worried that it might prevent me... more
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