paul robinson
the peoples history of rock
Mon Sep 14, 2015 16:18

Apparently bbc 4 are to commission a new series for 2016 called the peoples history of rock.they are looking for memorabilia , audio and visual clips of rock artists from the 1950s to the present time, wouldn,t this be an ideal time for someone to have a nudge in the right direction and get permission for the only clip of johnny to finally get shown

    • Peoples History Of PopRoger Morse, Tue Sep 15 09:21
      Yes, they have been in touch with me. I'm putting together old band memorabilia etc. They also asked for Saturday Skiffle Club and Saturday Club recordings so sorting that also. As far as the black... more
      • Re: Peoples History Of Poppaul robinson, Wed Sep 16 15:02
        I was maybe hoping that the BBC would like to get in touch with Ulster tv to get permission to use the footage.The historical nature surely deserves some effort
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