Dachlan Cartwright
Verse for Johnny and the Pirates
Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:14

I'm a big fan, and was privileged to hear Please Don't Touch/Growl when first broadcast on Saturday Club. My thing is writing verse (I have a collection available on Amazon, Ours is a God Given Peace: Verse from the Mersey Beat Era.). Anyway, here's one for Davy Jones' Rocker and his Crew. Btw, could you post if possible a picture of the Galleon stage backdrop, the one that was rediscovered at the Star Club. Rock on, Dachlan

(to the tune of Bird Dog, by The Everly Brothers)

Johnny was a rocker
And he could wow
With untouchable vocals
And Long John growls
He shook our bones all over
From pegs to skulls
A laughing fellow rover
With rum bottle
With Cliff Richard and Bill Fury the Brit rockrolling trinity
Angels and dockers

From Willesden to Wigan
His flag was flown
Mick Green played lead and rhythm
In cannon tones
With Farren, Spence and other
Tortuga crews
No other band could cross or
Hambone their groove
Reprising Dean and Eddie’s grief he shipwrecked on a hidden reef
Davy Jones’ rocker

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