paul robinson
radio recordings
Sat Jan 30, 2016 14:23

Hello Everyone
Does anybody have any radio recordings of johnny and the pirates to either lend or sell, especially from after 1962.i have the radio recordings on the Blakey label that came out a few years ago

    • JK Radio recordingsRoger Morse, Sun Jan 31 17:14
      Wouldn't we all like some "new" JK radio recordings. Still trying to trace the 3 inch reel tape I recorded in 1963 with radio recordings I sold on a Philips portable recorder. I trawl through... more
      • radio recordingspaul robinson, Mon Feb 1 14:03
        I think John Beecher of rollercoaster records may hold the key. I understand that a lot of off air recordings were made by a producer {Bernie Andrews?} who then offered them to the bbc, who refused... more
        • radio recordingsRoger Morse, Tue Feb 2 09:55
          Don't think John has any JK radio recordings as yet ! Can't say anymore at present but be patient and watch this space !
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