Cyril Blake
Sun Feb 21, 2016 14:50

Your wait for more JK BBC recordings will soon be over. It's been a while. 13 years to be precise. We put out the 'At The BBC' CD back in 2003, just for fans of the Pirates but unfortunately the German bootlegger Sedranka got hold of our CD and put it out as a double along with known studio recordings. there's no honour amongst bootleggers!! Some great stuff has come to light recently which will all be released in the next couple of months. Incidently, the transcription discs from the BBC were taken by the producers of 'Juke Box Heroes'. Luckilly someone who was working on this series recorded the Vince Taylor and Johnny Kidd tracks for me onto a cassette. It was via this we mastered the CD.

    • compliationMark Dillman, Mon Jan 8 14:50
      Has this compilation been released?
    • new recordingdpaul robinson, Tue Feb 23 15:02
      Looking forward to hearing them. there is an article in this months vintage rock magazine about killer B Sides, I cannot believe that feelin did not get a mention
    • Re: replyRockin' Lord Geoff, Mon Feb 22 09:26
      Look forward to that make sure you give us plenty of warning. Geoff
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