paul robinson
vive le rock
Sun Apr 3, 2016 10:40

Bought this mag the other day.Interesting to hear Johnny Spence,s comments on I,ll never get over you.It may be Merseybeat but its not Gerry and the pacemakers or Searchers Merseybeat its Johnny Kidd merseybeat.Johnnys authentic vocals and that guitar work set it miles away from those type of groups works, enjoyable though they are.I remember hearing the tail end of the song as a 13 year old on the golden hour in 1975 and it took me ages in those pre internet and chart book days to find it.i bought a 1960s compilation album thinking it was the record I wanted only for it to be HUNGRY FOR LOVE which is not in the same league.I finally tracked it down on the best of{ for less than 2 quid)in early 1978

  • Vive Le Pirates........Ian Burns, Mon Nov 16 22:09
    "Vive Le Rock",probably the only magazine in the world that will feature articles on the likes of Eddie Cochran,The Cramps and Motorhead side by side,has just gone up another notch in my estimation... more
    • vive le rock — paul robinson, Sun Apr 3 10:40
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