Early Pirates Photos
Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:08

Apart from Frank Rouledge and Brian Gregg's photos in Keith Hunt's book, does anyone have or know of any pictures of the Caddy/Gregg/Cattini Pirates with Johnny ? Seems very hard to find good quality pics. I've checked dozens if not a couple hundred music papers, magazines etc. and found only pics of JK. Anyone have the uncropped photo of them on Thank Your Lucky Stars 1961 , the one with JK and Clem in front of what looks like a cabin with Brian and Alan to the side.
Anyone ever see any pics of the Mike West / Tom Brown Pirates line-up ? Be very grateful if anyone who can help can get in touch.

    • Re: Early Pirates Photossmashley, Sun Apr 24 10:10
      BTW, I'm Ashley Wood, for some reason the board just logged me in as Smashley !
      • Old photos.Polly Robinson, Fri Oct 20 20:50
        Just found this site via Facebook. Did U ever find old 'photos? I have several very old 'snaps' need tarting up. Mostly small & a bit blurry! Both of Brian,Alan & Clem & more of 2nd Pirates. Have one ... more
        • Kidd photosashley wood, Sat Oct 21 13:36
          Hi Polly , thanks for posting. I have found a certain amount from 1960 onwards. I'm currently working on a cd release and possibly an updated biography for JK so if there's any possibility of seeing... more
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