Carl Gresham
Johny Kidd
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:46

Hello JK
Glad to have your message. If you'd like a copy of the programme just send me a 1st or 2nd class postage stamp
and I'll forward you a copy. DON'T put the stamp on an envelope.

You can also replay that progamme up to 28 days..all you need
to do is log onto and click on the "Listen Again" Icon and select the show you want to hear again.. you'll also need the date which of course was last Sunday.
Carl Gresham
PO Box 3
West Yorkshire

  • JKGeoff Lambert, Thu Sep 14 08:37
    Hi Carl I am south of London in Surrey and I listened to the show and really enjoyed it understandable nothing we didn't already know but it was good hearing them one after the other. Thanks Rockin'... more
    • Johny Kidd — Carl Gresham, Thu Sep 14 10:46
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