Polly Robinson
Old photos.
Fri Oct 20, 2017 20:50

Just found this site via Facebook. Did U ever find old 'photos? I have several very old 'snaps' need tarting up.
Mostly small & a bit blurry! Both of Brian,Alan & Clem & more of 2nd Pirates. Have one slightly better of the boys off duty. Johnny Irving is in several of the late snaps too. Not sure copies would work but may be able to get them made better?

Knew Johhny pretty well 1960 -1965. Got into lots of big gigs with other stars, via the boys.

  • Re: Early Pirates Photossmashley, Sun Apr 24 10:10
    BTW, I'm Ashley Wood, for some reason the board just logged me in as Smashley !
    • Old photos. — Polly Robinson, Fri Oct 20 20:50
      • Kidd photosashley wood, Sat Oct 21 13:36
        Hi Polly , thanks for posting. I have found a certain amount from 1960 onwards. I'm currently working on a cd release and possibly an updated biography for JK so if there's any possibility of seeing... more
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