Frank Farley.........
Wed May 23, 2018 00:41

Very sad news,sincere condolences to all of Franks family and friends.I count myself lucky to have been around to have seen The Pirates when they made there comeback during the seventies. On the face of it they should never have stood a chance. They were all at an age when most would probably have been thinking about retiring and when the musical climate,thanks to punk,had changed so dramatically. As anyone who saw them during this period will testify,they were a breath of fresh air and I used to scour the music weeklies in the hope that the band were playing anywhere near me at that time. The Pirates were,to pinch a phrase from Tina Turner,simply the f*****g best. I'm glad I was a teenager during the seventies and I'm glad that Johnny, Mick and Frank were there too. RIP Frank, and alongside Johnny and Mick,thanks for the memories.

  • Frank FarleyJohnny Spence, Sun Apr 29 10:23
    It is with great sadness to let you know that my good friend and fellow Pirate Frank Farley passed away yesterday. I have known Frank for over 60 years and he will be sadly missed. A great natural... more
    • Frank Farley......... — Ian Burns, Wed May 23 00:41
      • Frankarthur rayner, Wed May 23 07:41
        Yes, condolences indeed and fantastic memories. After buying Out of their Skulls then discovering the older LPs and first seeing them at Brighton Poly, then various other gigs, then my Poly in 1979,... more
    • Frank FarleyRoger Morse, Tue May 1 08:13
      R I P Frank. So glad I have many audio and video memories of you and the band to watch. Very solid drummer.
    • FrankGeoff Lambert, Mon Apr 30 08:27
      Indeed a very sad day John. Riversdale school was (to the best of my memory) where I first met him, who would have known then what an adventurous life both he and you would have had, Geoff.
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