Ian Burns
JK live material/video
Sat Apr 20, 2019 23:48

Hello Roger, I literally read a day or two ago that a new compilation cd in on the way.Called "Quivers Down The Backbone" ( I wonder where they got that title from ? ), it includes all the usual suspects plus ten live tracks "released for the first time on cd". Looking at the track listing,I strongly suspect that eight of them are from the "Johnny Kidd and the Pirates : Unreleased BBC Sessions 1959 - 1961 " bootleg cd from a couple of years ago.I haven't heard this new release so I couldn't swear to it but the track listing does correspond with the songs that Johnny sang the lead vocals on from that unofficial release. Also included are live versions of "A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues " and "Dr.Feelgood". Although these two titles are not on the aforementioned BBC disc,I would imagine they originate from a Saturday Club broadcast or something similar. It all might be worth a listen.

  • JK live material / video ?Roger Morse, Fri Apr 5 18:22
    Hi Everyone, Been very quiet on here for a long time !. Anyone found anything new of JK recently ?
    • JK live material/video — Ian Burns, Sat Apr 20 23:48
      • JK audio /videoRoger Morse, Sun Apr 21 08:20
        Hi Ian, Good to hear from you. Yes, I have seen that "Quivers Down The Backbone" cd advertised over the last few weeks. Looks like another re-package of recordings we have already heard unfortunately ... more
        • JK audio/videoIan Burns, Mon Apr 22 23:48
          Going by what I've read elsewhere,it's a cdr release also.
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