Roger Morse
JK audio /video
Sun Apr 21, 2019 08:20

Hi Ian,
Good to hear from you. Yes, I have seen that "Quivers Down The Backbone" cd advertised over the last few weeks. Looks like another re-package of recordings we have already heard unfortunately unless anyone can tell us different ?

  • JK live material/videoIan Burns, Sat Apr 20 23:48
    Hello Roger, I literally read a day or two ago that a new compilation cd in on the way.Called "Quivers Down The Backbone" ( I wonder where they got that title from ? ), it includes all the usual... more
    • JK audio /video — Roger Morse, Sun Apr 21 08:20
      • JK audio/videoIan Burns, Mon Apr 22 23:48
        Going by what I've read elsewhere,it's a cdr release also.
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