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Henry L. Chovance & 321st B-24D-5-CO
Mon Jan 31, 2011 01:45

I am looking for photos and information about the pilot, crew, and even the bomber serial number 42-40352. I saw the post further below and I made a post in there but being so old I doubt I will get a response. I know 42-40352 is the B-24D-5-CO "CzechEm" and that post below said that CzechEm wasnt the plane they crashed in but it was a un marked bomber serial number 42-40352 which is the same number for CzechEm from the Jolly Rogers website.

So if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Even if someone personally knew or talked with the Pilot would be of great help to me. I am also looking for photos of the bomber as well as the crew. I find it hard to believe that such a well known bomb group wouldnt have every crew get their picture taken infront of their bomber.

Thanks in advance.

    • CzechmBob Piper, Thu Dec 1 19:13
      There is a book by Col. Ed Imparato that tells of the visit to 42-40352 to determine why it crashed near Goroka in New Guinea. It was structural failure in the tail possibly from a shallow high speed ... more
      • Re: CzechmMatt, Thu Dec 1 22:26
        Thanks for the reply, I took a look on amazon to see if I could find this book, thankfully I found it. I ended up with a like new signed hardcopy for $20 including s&h. Figured since it has to do... more
    • ChovanecF Scott, Sat Mar 5 01:01
      Henry chovanec's crew is listed on the combat crews on the Jolly rogers 90th bomb group website. A story about his crew is also included in the the book "Legacy of the 90th Bomb Group Frank
    • Photos of pilot Henry L. Chovanec and CzechemTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Mon Feb 21 16:54
      I am the executor of the estate of one of Henry's nephews who just passed away. In going through his effects, I happened just today to find a picture of the Lieutenant standing in front of the B-24... more
      • Yes, I am extremly interested. I didnt even know that flight logs still exsisted pertaining to Chovanec and/or Czechem.
        • Chovanec/Czech'emTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Mon Feb 21 20:51
          I should be more precise. The log is a pilot's log from his training at Hicks Field. Do you want copies of any of the pictures? If so, let me know how and where to send them. Ted
          • Re: Chovanec/Czech'emMatt, Mon Feb 21 23:24
            Sure I would be greatful if you could send a copy of the pictures. I believe if you click on my name it should be blue, it should bring up a email window with my address listed. If not I will post... more
            • PicturesTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Tue Feb 22 09:51
              Matt, I tried your e-mail address and the pictures did not go through. E-mail me at and I will give it another try. Ted
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