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Re: Photos of pilot Henry L. Chovanec and Czechem
Mon Feb 21, 2011 17:54

Yes, I am extremly interested. I didnt even know that flight logs still exsisted pertaining to Chovanec and/or Czechem.

  • Photos of pilot Henry L. Chovanec and CzechemTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Mon Feb 21 16:54
    I am the executor of the estate of one of Henry's nephews who just passed away. In going through his effects, I happened just today to find a picture of the Lieutenant standing in front of the B-24... more
    • Re: Photos of pilot Henry L. Chovanec and Czechem — Matt, Mon Feb 21 17:54
      • Chovanec/Czech'emTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Mon Feb 21 20:51
        I should be more precise. The log is a pilot's log from his training at Hicks Field. Do you want copies of any of the pictures? If so, let me know how and where to send them. Ted
        • Re: Chovanec/Czech'emMatt, Mon Feb 21 23:24
          Sure I would be greatful if you could send a copy of the pictures. I believe if you click on my name it should be blue, it should bring up a email window with my address listed. If not I will post... more
          • PicturesTed Heinsohn, Jr. , Tue Feb 22 09:51
            Matt, I tried your e-mail address and the pictures did not go through. E-mail me at and I will give it another try. Ted
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