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Re: Norman Krouskop
Mon Jan 2, 2012 20:54

Ohhh I see! I misread that on Jollyrogerweb, that's my fault. Dad doesn't remember the name of the plane either. I have not been able to go through the boxes that Lucy has yet. I'm looking forward to that very much, but there's no telling what he kept through the years.

Thank you very much Mr. Tupa!

  • Norman KrouskopBob Tupa, Mon Jan 2 20:47
    Erik your grandfather did not fly the plane named Moby Dick. That plane was returened to the US in October of 43. Your grandfather went to the SW Pacific in March of 44 ferrying a plane from the US... more
    • picturesAnn Clayton, Thu Aug 31 10:55
      Bob, I have located a picture of my father with his crew. I have had it posted on the website under the HALL OF HEROES. I have the original, and also listed the names of all crew... more
    • Plane PicturesCharla Rolph, Thu Mar 22 13:11
      I have 58 small snap shots from my father's collection of plane artwork if anyone is interested. "Pug Nose" "Dawn Patrol" "Twin Niftys II" "Ole Tomato" etc.
      • Plane PicturesAnn Clayton, Fri Sep 1 12:08
        Charla, Do any of the pics show a plane with the #s "077"?? I have a pic of my father in front of that plane, but it doesn't show the name, just that number. Would appreciate it if you could check... more
        • 077Bob Tupa, Sat Sep 2 10:04
          Send me a copy of the picture and I will see if I can find which plane it was.
      • PicturesJeffrey Andres, Fri Oct 12 09:21
        Charla, I would like to see the pictures too. We lost all records of my grandfather, Glenn A. Nelson, 1st Lt., 400 Squadron(Black Pirates). I seem to remember mention of "Twin Niftys II as a child,... more
        • Re: PicturesAnonymous, Sun May 22 08:43
          Charla, can you forward the photo's to
      • picturesBob Tupa, Thu Mar 22 23:56
        Charla, If you have scanned your pictures I would love to see them. Good shots of some of the early planes are rare and you may have some that are common and some that are not. I will be happy to... more
        • PicturesDave santaspirt, Mon May 23 13:06
          would love to see them as well.
        • Re: picturesAnonymous, Mon May 23 11:59
          I'd like to see them too. c h u c k s k i 3 @ h o t m a i l. com. Thank you!
        • PictureCharla Rolph, Tue Oct 23 15:53
          send me your email address & I will forward the pictures to you.
        • PicturesChuck, Mon Jun 11 20:16
          Carla, I'd like scans too if possible. c h u c k s k i 3 @ h o t m a i l . c o m Thank you, Chuck
          • PicturesGrant Middleton, Fri Jan 4 13:51
            My father, Arthur J. Middleton, was in the 320th bomb group and I am trying to locate pictures as well. Can you forward them to me too if it isn't too late. my email address is ... more
        • Info on fatherPaul Gallagher, Sat Mar 24 15:48
          Sir I ve tried in vain to find info on my dad John J Gallagher who was in the Jolly Rodgers toward the end of WW2. Any idea's or suggestion's on other place's to try for information? Thanks PG
    • Re: Norman Krouskop — Anonymous, Mon Jan 2 20:54
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