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James Horner Pilot 320th sq
Re: 320th Squadron, Moby Dick
Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:56

Eric, I flew with your Grd Fth in1944. He did not have a plane. Contrary to the nonsense that was spread throughout the war years. We fly just like the Air lines do. The maintenance dept provides a list of flight ready planes each dayThe operations officers select crews and write Pilots names after certain plane numbers on the strike board. Thats the plane you fly that day. There are many more pilots than planes so you may go weeks befre flying the same plane again. I thought Norman was in the same flight Class 43J as myself which would have put him overseas the latter part of May 1944. We flew new planes from Fairfield Suison Air Field at Sacramento to Townsville Australia to a Modifification Depot. We then picked up new planes to be delivered to the Jolly Rogers. The plane I dropped off didn't even go to the 90th. It went to the 380th grp. and was flown mostly by Aussie pilots out of Darwin Australia. Just Remember no one under a General had their own plane regardless of the newspapers. Good Luck Jim Horner

  • Re: 320th Squadron, Moby DickAnonymous, Mon Jan 2 17:23
    yeah i saw that. I'm looking for more info about his service, and i'd love a picture of his plane. No one in the family has found one yet.
    • Re: 320th Squadron, Moby Dick — James Horner Pilot 320th sq, Tue Mar 27 10:56
      • 320th SquadronGary Opper, Mon Aug 18 21:29
        Mr. Horner, First of all, thank you for your service and for fighting to make sure my children, granddaughter, and my wife and I could have the life I have lived. My father was in the Army in Europe... more
      • Arthur J. MiddletonGrant Middleton, Fri Jan 4 13:57
        Did you know my father, Arthur J. Middleton? Thanks, Grant
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