Re: unit patches
Fri Jun 8, 2012 21:13

I might be able to help you, my daugther has a few that my mom gave her. She is away right now but , I will see about getting you at least one or some good pictures of one.

Pat Richardson
Daugther of Jesse B. Berry

  • unit patchesJohnny , Tue Jun 5 00:43
    Hello a friend of mine who is an avid historian is looking for good clear photos of the "Jolly Rogers" Squadron patches in use on their A-2 jackets , the ones with the round ringed background with... more
    • 400th sq. patchDave A, Tue Jun 18 22:43
      I am looking for one to put back on my dads jacket. I took it off as a kid and now of course regret that. Any help appreciated. DA
      • patchDave A, Tue Jun 18 23:39
        Thanks for your offer. Looking for the real thing. DA
      • 400th Bombardment Sqd patchJohnny Signor, Tue Jun 18 23:01
        Hello Dave A, I can make you a nice 5-6 inch 400th Bombardment squadron patch if interested , contact me at my e mail, samples of my work can be seen at this link... more
    • Re: unit patches — Anonymous, Fri Jun 8 21:13
      • Re: unit patchesGeorge Taylor, Mon Apr 8 11:00
        Pat, Jessie was in the 319th squadron, rather than the 320th. I know that because I have 3 of his patches which I got from him maybe 10 years or more ago.
      • 90th Jolly Rogers emblemJohnny Signor, Sat Jun 9 00:01
        Thank you Very much for your reply I hope you can get me one of them ,It eill recieve a very good home , thanks again and I'll await your reply ! Johnny
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