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Johnny Signor
90th Jolly Rogers emblem
Sat Jun 9, 2012 00:01

Thank you Very much for your reply I hope you can get me one of them ,It eill recieve a very good home , thanks again and I'll await your reply !

  • Re: unit patchesAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 21:13
    I might be able to help you, my daugther has a few that my mom gave her. She is away right now but , I will see about getting you at least one or some good pictures of one. Pat Richardson Daugther of ... more
    • Re: unit patchesGeorge Taylor, Mon Apr 8 11:00
      Pat, Jessie was in the 319th squadron, rather than the 320th. I know that because I have 3 of his patches which I got from him maybe 10 years or more ago.
    • 90th Jolly Rogers emblem — Johnny Signor, Sat Jun 9 00:01
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