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Unofficial 320th B.Sqd. emblem
Tue Oct 23, 2012 23:49

Hello,I recently was asked by a person about an "unofficial" emblem linked to the 320th Bomb Sqd,it was eventually ID'd on the "History Detectives" program on PBS, anyway I would like to know of any 320th veterans have knowledge of this design , when/where it was created/used???

The design is the basic background colors of the "Moby Dick" Sqd, the only difference is the inner design is of a black bird over a white cloud and below it is a light gray bomb being dropped , the man on the TV show had one of these emblems and the man that asked me about it had two , so there were more than one made , I'm leaning towards it being a "crew patch" rather than the "Sqd" patch, but he did have a black and white rendering of the design in a photo and it was titled "320th Bombardment Squadron" under the image , anyway I would appreciate any extra info on this, please contact me if you can help, thanks to all the 90th veterans for your service , it is VERY much appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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