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George Taylor
Missing 320th Squadron Patches
Mon Apr 8, 2013 11:09

This is a follow-up on Johnny Signor's request. He mentions that the strange 320th patch was identified on Television after an extensive search. Our historian, Wiley Woods was involved in this search. In the course of the investigation, he lost his Moby Dick 320th patch, the only one he had.
If anyone has one of these patches, I know he would very much like to have it.
As far as Johnny Signor's request I have originals of all the common and one or two uncommon patches which I would be happy to copy and email to him if he will contact me. I actually had him make a leather copy of the 8-Ball patch some years back.

    • I have the elusive patchcoool8ball, Tue Aug 19 23:10
      Hi George, This is Mike, I did the show on Hist Detectives. I was in contact with Johnny for quite some time (have lost contact now unfortunately) However, I do have the patch as seen on the show and ... more
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