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Grant Wiest
William L. Wiest, Navigator, 320th Squadron
Sat Sep 28, 2013 14:11

Hi All,

I am having a difficult time piecing together information about by Grandfather's service in the 320th squadron during WWII.

Please let me know if you have any info. The only info I've found is on the Jolly Rogers' website at

I'd love to learn more about the specifics of his service. I do know (from a local article that my parents showed me when I was young) that his aircraft went down at one point and he received some sort of award for saving some of his crewmates during the incident.

I wish my knowledge was less vague.

Obviously, any information that can be contributed would be great!


    • 320 squadrondavid harter, Fri Jul 21 18:43
      i am digging into this stuff too. my father was Mag. Lee I Harter and was the squadron commander of the 320. in 1944. he was a pilot and named the Boise Bronc. a B-24. i have a book called." Legacy... more
    • WiestBob Tupa, Wed Oct 2 12:07
      All I could find was that he was a member of the Frank Ekas crew. His serial number was 370196. The crew info is dated 1-23-44. There is a entry of a William L Wiest flying as a waist gunner on the J ... more
      • Re: WiestGrant Wiest, Wed Oct 2 12:47
        Thanks so much Bob. If you don't mind, what is the source of this info? Best Wishes, Grant
        • SourceBob Tupa, Wed Oct 2 13:49
          Loyde Adams,a 90th veteran, logged all the information regarding the 90th he could find during the course of his lifetime following the war and Loyde gave me a copy of he data.
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