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Grant Wiest
Re: Wiest
Wed Oct 2, 2013 12:47

Thanks so much Bob. If you don't mind, what is the source of this info?

Best Wishes,

  • WiestBob Tupa, Wed Oct 2 12:07
    All I could find was that he was a member of the Frank Ekas crew. His serial number was 370196. The crew info is dated 1-23-44. There is a entry of a William L Wiest flying as a waist gunner on the J ... more
    • Re: Wiest — Grant Wiest, Wed Oct 2 12:47
      • SourceBob Tupa, Wed Oct 2 13:49
        Loyde Adams,a 90th veteran, logged all the information regarding the 90th he could find during the course of his lifetime following the war and Loyde gave me a copy of he data.
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