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James Lefemine
Fri Nov 15, 2013 17:40

My mom and dad had a bad divorce and all of his 400 and 319 stuff got thrown out. I've been trying to rebuild and yesterday I received a copy of the book the Menace From Moresby that had been part of my fathers memorabilia. That book I used to trace pics of naked girls to show my friend back in the 50's, I tried to erase the tell tale evidence so my dad wouldn't find out and in the process erased a hole in the page. well it got thrown out with everything else but now I have a clean copy. If you have pics of the Ellis Brown crew please let me know.


  • 400th patchDave A, Fri Nov 15 17:31
    Thanks to a collector who was selling some 90th stuff on Ebay (not the patch), I was able to get the long sought after patch I had been seeking. After contacting him and inquiring, I was pleased to... more
    • 400th — James Lefemine, Fri Nov 15 17:40
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