Moby Dick
Sun Jun 1, 2014 10:34

My dad, Frederick C Herzog Jr., was the Navigator on the "Moby Dick". I have a copy of the unit's photo album showing the different flight groups that composed the Jolly Roger Group and I have a model plane kit of the Moby Dick with illustration showing the Moby Dick on the box.

best regards,
Fred Herzog III

  • 320th Bomb Group/Moby DickGrant Middleton, Fri Jan 4 13:48
    My Dad, Arthur J. Middleton, flew in the 320th Bomb Group. We are trying to locate a picture of the plane that he flew. Did you have any luck? Most likely my dad and your grandfather knew each other.
    • Moby Dick — Frederck Herzog III, Sun Jun 1 10:34
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